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Advanced Installation

Roswell as a scripting environment

Roswell as an implementation manager

Roswell as a Testing Environment

Distributing applications


For Developers/Maintainers

Upgrading Roswell

Installed from source

  1. Uninstall the old version1
  2. Upgrade the source
  3. build & install again

The commands are as follows.

[step 1]$ sudo make uninstall   # uninstall it before upgrading the source code, then run
[step 2]$ git pull              # or whatever needed to upgrade the source code of roswell
[step 3]$ make                  # compile C-based part of roswell (`ros` binary)
[step 4]$ sudo make install     # install C-based binary and lisp source code to /usr/.../roswell
[step 5]$ ros setup             # build (compile&load&dump) the lisp-based part of roswell, using `ros` binary. Results are the dumped lisp image and are saved in ~/.roswell

In case of trouble, try sudo rm -r /usr/local/etc/roswell/ and resume from step 4.

If it still doesn't help, try rm -r ~/.roswell/ and resume from step 5

Archlinux AUR


yaourt -Sua roswell


  • Download new PKGBUILD file
  • in directory of PKGBUILD run makepkg -i


1: If you pull before uninstalling, ros setup might fail. It is because some old incompatible lisp file remains in lispdir (lispdir is /usr/local/etc/roswell/ in the recent version of roswell. You can check it by ros version). In this case, remove all files in lispdir and try sudo make install again.