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List of Roswell Installable Scripts

Here're libraries bundling Roswell scripts. The list is not comprehensive, contribute your script!

These commands can be installed by ros install package-name, e.g. ros install clack

  • Clack's clackup
  • Qlot's qlot
  • prove's run-prove
  • ufo by UFO
  • qps by ros install quicklisp-project-submission
  • make-project by ros install cl-project
  • eazy-project by ros install eazy-project
  • lake in
  • cl-mpi's test script @
  • asd-generator @
  • asdf-viz @
  • cldomain @ an extension for the Sphinx documentation generation tool that allow sphinx to generate documentation for Common Lisp libraries.
  • cxxxr/lem - a full-featured zero-configuration Common Lisp editor, also with an Electron version.
  • koji-kojiro/cl-repl, A full-featured ipython-like repl.
  • singy15/ministg a mini shooting game in OpenGL
  • fukamachi/psychiq - a redis-based background job processing, inspired by Ruby's Sidekiq (and compatible with its web UI).
  • yitzchak/common-lisp-jupyter - A Common Lisp kernel for Jupyter.
  • run-fiveam by ros installci-utils

Below are just ideas .... send the pull request adding the roswell scripts, let the incidents happen!!!

  • more testing libraries
  • codex, sb-texinfo and other doc-generation libraries
  • games or irc bots or other misc standalone programs
  • in-memory database using cl-fuse
  • clever/hilarious ideas are welcome!