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Local installation

In Installation, we described how to install roswell from the source. However, it assumed the global installation.

Local installation is available by specifying --prefix option to ./configure. The default location is /usr/local. Actual binary is installed in $PREFIX/bin and supporting files are installed into $PREFIX/etc/roswell/.

This is useful when using roswell as a backend of CI services (e.g. travis): When you specify a directory accessible without root permission, then you can switch to the new container-based infrastructure for faster startup (of the tests). We already provide such a script for Travis, CircleCI and Coverall using this feature.

Another usage is for bundling roswell in a standalone project which does not alter the user environment at all.


$ git clone -b release
$ cd roswell
$ sh bootstrap
$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/.local/
$ make && make install              ### in this case, no sudo is required!
$ ~/.local/bin/ros